Recruiters do more for your organization than you think..

By: Deatra Pottebaum

Odds are, if you’re a leader in an organization you’ve been tasked with making key hires. You’ve probably engaged a recruiter for these searches. That fee you paid was well worth it and here is why.  Recruiters (the good ones!) are very well networked. They know a great number of folks within their specific region or discipline. They help relay your message in the community to the people you want to hear it. They help change or overcome the misconceptions of your corporate culture. Let’s say a team of 5 recruiters spends 2 weeks recruiting for a role for your company. Each of them talk to 20 relevant people a day (about your company, your culture, the changes you’re making, overcoming any "word on the street" you'd like to set straight). 10 days, 20 contacts by each recruiter, that’s 200 people contacted by one recruiter!  Multiply that by 5 recruiters making connections and that’s 1,000 targeted people in the market discussing your organization, your hiring, your growth, your business plans, and your culture. It’s a form of PR to hire the right recruiting firm to represent your organization and your message. So, do your research! Hire a recruiting firm that’s specific to your search or your market; one that has a strong reputation and that you've educated thoroughly about your organization. The right recruiter will not only uncover the sharpest candidates available in the market to hire, they’ll also be a great value representing your organization